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About us

We stock one of the largest and most sought after collection of Eco Drinking Straws in Australia. All our products are eco friendly. In addition, we offer all of our high quality hangers at below wholesale prices. Whether you are a retailer or just looking to organise and beautify your home, you'll discover that EcoStrawsale is the one stop shop to buy your Drinking straws.

Our Stainless Steel Straws


Our Silicone Straws


Say "NO" To Unhealthy Plastic Straws!

Why Use Our Eco Straws

✔️  Healthier Home and Family No Harmful Plastic
✔️  Cost-Effective - One Eco Straw Can Replace More Than 1000 Plastic Straws
✔️  Safe for Our Ocean, and Planet 

✔️  Sustainable to Our Environment

✔️  Premium Quality & Competitive Prices.

✔️  Conveniently Use Anywhere

✔️  Largest Selections 

✔️  Local Dispatch & Delivery